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Terrarium Cat

5 x 7 Terrarium Cat Art Print Postcard Set

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The Terrarium Cat Postcard Set
Original Cats Set
What's in it: Zen Cat,  Reading Cat, and Exploring Cat art print postcards (one of each)
Cherry Blossom Cats Set
What's in it: Morning, Day and Night art print postcards (one of each)

*If you prefer to mix and match your postcards, please contact us to let us know your selections  /ᐠ.ꞈ.ᐟ\ 
At 5x7", Fog Cats postcards are slightly larger than the traditional 4x6. We believe a little extra room for creativity never hurts! All Fog Cats postcards double as an art print that looks excellent when framed, making it another great gift for a loved one. 

The print has a velvety coating that is soft to the touch and gold foil detailing that catches alluringly in the light. The back of the card is left uncoated so the writer may scribble with ease. 

All Fog Cats postcards are printed on thick 18 pt card stock. This heavy card stock can handle fountain pens and even paint markers for even the most eccentric postcard enthusiast. 



5" x 7" (127 mm x 178 mm)